You may not understand what these are if you aren’t familiar with atmosphere-ocean science. Don’t sweat it, it’s a demonstration!

Topic Count Description
Boundary Layers1Transitional regions between fluids, or a fluid and a solid boundary (such as the ocean floor)
Fluid Dynamics2Straight-up fluid dynamics. Not necessarily directly connected to GFD, but tests concepts that are essential to understanding fluid flow behavior.
Geostrophic Adjustment1The emergence of geostrophic balance from unbalanced initial conditions.
QG1Quasi-geostrophy. A framework that augments geostrophic balance with higher-order ageostrophic tendencies.
Shallow Water Equations3The shallow water equations provide a valuable framework for studying rotating, low aspect-ratio, barotropic flows.
Thermodynamics1The four laws. Entropy. Enthalpy. Internal energy. Basic material.