How It Works

Using this site is simple: the Question Feeder page chooses a random question from our database and displays it. Your job is to answer the question. You can select from all questions or query by topic. We’ve included an example problem below:

Tough right?? It only gets harder from here! There are three buttons below the question:

  1. Hint: Get a hint for this problem. This will appear as a modal window that overlays the question.
  2. Answer: View the full solution to this problem. The answer will appear below the question.
  3. Next: Move on to the next random problem. The question will be replaced with a new one.

Clicking Answer will also reveal a button that leads to the permanent link to this problem, in case you’d like to share it with someone else or revisit it later:

The question will appear the same way as it did on the home page (without the Next button, of course).

A few more things:

  • Hint and Answer are optional fields, so some questions may have them and others may not. The buttons will only appear if the corresponding fields are filled out.
  • You can find the answer in the source code without pressing the button, as it’s loaded on the page but simply hidden from view. But what’s the fun in that?
  • Have fun!