Welcome to GFDatabase!

What is GFDatabase?

It’s a WordPress theme that allows you to store questions (along with hints and answers) on various topics. The theme takes care of the tough stuff: choosing questions randomly for display on the Question Feeder page, hiding the hints and answers from view until the visiting party summons them, sorting and displaying questions by topic, etc. It also includes the standard blog posts/static pages you would expect in any WordPress theme.

Why “GFD”?

Because I’m a nerd. The original purpose of this theme was to feed myself random questions on concepts in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD). I guess it could also stand for “Giant Friendly Dolphins” or “Gluten-Free Donuts”. As long as you remember it, I’m happy!

Explain the menu to me.

  • : Go to the home page (duh).
  • Question Feeder: The key! Feeds you questions from the database, at random.
  • Topics: A breakdown of all the questions by topic. From here you can use the question feeder to narrow the selection of questions to a topic of choice.
  • How It Works: A more detailed explanation of what to expect when using the question feeder.
  • Blog: Your typical WordPress blog! Updates on this page, in reverse chronological order.

Where can I download the theme?

Check out the GitHub project for this theme here! Feel free to share and mess around with it.